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Is This Sugar Free?

It’s become clear to me that my idea of sugar free is a bit stricter than the average person. It’s been interesting comparing notes and food diaries with Maddie in recent weeks as we go through our Sugar Free Challenge. That’s not to say that one of us has the right method and the other [...]

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Devoted to Coconut Oil

In my office we trade ideas of new ways to use coconut oil and those of us who are devotees are slowly converting the entire office. Colleagues nearby who couldn’t care less about the food trends and healthy eating tips we swap have been dragged in to the conversations and eventually they give in and [...]

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Treat Yourself

Over the years I have had many massages. I have always had them as a treat. A way to relax. More recently I have been learning about the health benefits of having a regular massage. One of my best friends is training to become a masseuse and has been teaching me about the many benefits [...]

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