Who are we?

Two friends on a mission to make holistic health accessible. We don’t believe that you have to join slimming clubs to lose weight, be a yogi to enjoy the benefits of meditation or spend hours in a gym to stay fit. Between us we have read, watched and tried many things in order to stay healthy and we want to share our experiences with you.

Maddie – Director

I started my career in media and have spent years working in the magazine industry. I have run many campaigns focused on living a healthier life, trying new wonder products and I have read every article going on the search of contentment.

Now my focus is on sharing that with others and making good health choices accessible, without the jargon. I hope you enjoy your box and it helps you find your Satisfied Space amongst the craziness of life.

Stacy – Director

Like so many people, I’ve been looking for healthy-living guidance and a like-minded community of people trying to do the best for themselves. The result of all this reading, researching and experimental cooking is my inspiration for creating Satisfied Space.

I truly want Satisfied Space to be a healthy, comfortable and informative forum that makes balanced living and great food accessible to everyone, without preaching inflexible food rules or intimidating body mandates.

Be yourself. Do the best you can for yourself and take great care of your body and mind.

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