There’s always a new challenge on the horizon. Recently I read a great argument for cutting out sugar, A Month Without Sugar by David Leonhardt. It advocated trying to go sugar free for 30 days. 30 days sounds doable. It’s bite size. It’s not forever. (But by Day 5 of any challenge, sometimes I think otherwise.) This article makes some very clear points about the amount of sugar in our everyday food, food that we don’t think of as sweet, such as bacon or pasta sauce. The author also highlights that no sugar, means no sugar, no sugar substitutes, no natural sweeteners… you get the idea.

Last year, we embraced this sugar free month with gusto. It was our Satisfied Space mantra for the month of January. We may have let things slide in the months following and Christmas might have been more like a sugar-overload challenge, but here we are ready to get started all over again.

I like a challenge and I like feeling inspired and motivated to try something new that will reenergize my zest for feeling my best and taking care of my body. Right now, going sugar free feels like the perfect way to get me focused on being the best version of me.

Are you up for the challenge? We’d love to hear how your sugar free month is going so keep us posted.