While it is the time for us all to make our New Year’s Resolutions I am determined to make mine last this year.

The time between Christmas and New Year is spent by many of us worrying about how much weight we have gained, how little exercise we have taken and promising ourselves that come January we will be able to find our motivation and make a change. I wonder how different things could be if we were to think like this at the start of every week or month instead.

I have spent my Christmas over-indulging and doing very little. We have had lazy days watching films, big meals with the family, walks with the dog and drinking with friends and although I know the food and the drink is not good for me I have had the best time. I have had time to spend with my children and my husband. We have caught up with friends and our lovely family. So for the sake of a few extra pounds it has been totally worth it for the memories that we have made.

Every January I become super-motivated but struggle to maintain that motivation throughout the year. Working hard to shift the Christmas pounds in January, then trying to tone up ready for summer, then come autumn and my motivation seriously lacks.

But not this year! This year I am taking every month as it comes. Setting achievable goals and not beating myself up if I get a little distracted.

January for me will be all about whole foods, dusting off my trainers and aiming for a decent 5k time and getting myself and my family organised so we are ready to tackle 2017!

So let’s not ponder on the excesses of Christmas. Enjoy the memories of the meals, the drink and the laughter. Don’t let the January motivation last just a month. Keep the resolutions up all year by setting small goals regularly.

2017 I am coming to get you.