I know it’s January and we are trying to start the year in the best way possible with detoxes, exercise regimes and diets. My social media newsfeeds are jam-packed with hints and tips on how to get into shape and videos on the best exercises to do in order to tone up. In amongst all these messages I have noticed the amount of brands that associate themselves with the word SKINNY. So far today, I have seen ads and celebrity endorsements for Skinny Coffee, Skinny Tea, Skinnymi, and Skinny Mint.

I HATE the word skinny, and I’m pretty sure that people who we perceive to be skinny probably dislike the word just as much too.
As a mum of two girls I am very aware of making sure I don’t talk negatively about my own body image in front of them. We have a rule at home that we don’t talk about body weight and I threw the scales away a year ago. We try not to use the words fat or skinny, and try to use words like strong and fit. The children know that we all have to move more and take exercise to be healthy and eat the right food to fuel our bodies so they can thrive. Of course we have treats but I try to remind the children (and my husband) they are just that, treats.

The brilliant Taryn Brumfitt is a mother of three children, a writer, a speaker and the founder of The Body Image Movement. She has recently been in the UK promoting her documentary, Embrace, that sees her explore the issue of body image and why as women we spend too much time worrying about what we look like.
She talks a lot about how we need to inspire the next generation and teach them that the way you look is not the most important thing in life. I think most of us women can agree we spend way too much time worrying whether we look good enough? In an age where our lives are documented through social media, using Instagram filters and pouting in selfies on Snapchat to make us look pretty, it is important to step back and get some perspective. What kind of messages are we giving our children?

I pray that my two girls will grow up knowing that being beautiful is not the most important thing in life. I want them to live, achieve and be proud of the person they are.

So I say NO to all your SKINNY products, and even wanting to be skinny. I want to be fit, happy, balanced and most importantly make the most of life. I’m not wasting a single second worrying on whether I fit into the ideal body shape. Embrace life and live it to the full. “Thank You Taryn” you are an inspiration. I, for one, am fully behind The Body Image Movement. I hope you are too.