Over the years I have had many massages. I have always had them as a treat. A way to relax. More recently I have been learning about the health benefits of having a regular massage.
One of my best friends is training to become a masseuse and has been teaching me about the many benefits including helping circulation, promoting better sleep and pain relief. While she has been training, my husband and I have been lucky enough to be her guinea pigs, a tough job but someone has to do it! So far I have had an Indian head massage, head, back and shoulder massage and a full body massage.
After each of these treatments I have felt many positive changes in my body. Apart from feeling relaxed I found that my aches and pains from exercise were gone, tightness in my shoulders from picking up the children and walking the dog were massaged away and the quality of sleep I got after a treatment improved.
With all this in mind I read the following article on BNN.com  and it clearly shows the benefits of regular massage in a smart infographic.


So don’t feel guilty about booking yourself in for that massage, its actually good for your health too.
Enjoy, Maddie